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Public Video Surveillance: Is It An Effective Crime Prevention Tool?

Surge in the number of surveillance cameras...

Rapid Technological Advances in Object Tracking...

Security Cameras to fight corruption...

Security Camera catches Cops Stealing...

CCTV System for Firefighters...



One of our key strengths is the quality of our installations.
Our company was originally founded by installation engineers and the commitment to high quality workmanship is our number one priority.

We have a project and installation department which controls all installation work carried out for our customers.

All work is completed by our own qualified and security vetted engineers.

We have a proven track record of installing all forms of security systems to a complete variety of customers from homes to 25,000 sq foot Supermarkets.

Our engineers have been trained to be courteous and sympathetic to the environment they are working in. All engineers will carry our ID.




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