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Thinking about Going Digital?
Here are 10 things you need to consider
when buying a digital surveillance system!

Hard Drive Space
More hard drive space means more video can be stored in an archive. For example a 60GB compared to 600GB could mean the difference between having 4 days or 40 days worth of video.

As a general rule, bigger is better. An image at 640 x 480 will give a much larger and clearer picture as opposed to 320 x 240.

Frames Per Second (FPS), Also Images Per Second (IPS)
FPS represents how many still frames the camera records per second. Television and film is normally recorded at 24 to 30 frames per second to fool the eye into thinking it's seeing continuous motion. The more frames per second recorded, the more fluid the video will appear to the viewer. Typically, digital surveillance systems list the total FPS available for the entire system. A 16FPS system with 16 cameras records at 1 FPS per camera, while an 80FPS system with 16 cameras records at 5 FPS per camera. The Intelliplex Digital Manager has variable speeds so the user can set the FPS for each individual camera to the speed they desire. For example, a camera viewing the dumpster or parking lot may not be as important as the one viewing the point of sale, therefore the speed can be lowered. Below is an example of a six-second segment recorded at three different speeds. Notice how much information is missed at lower speeds.

Make sure you choose a system that will give you the quality you need.

Each POS transaction is displayed on the camera view as it happens enabling you to see the transaction in addition to the actions of your employees. Text can be white or black, with or without backgrounds for readability. All POS transactions are recorded into the electronic journal.
An electronic journal is software that stores all text insertion transactions in a database. Users can search the database for specific transactions and then simply click to be taken to the video of that transaction. click here for a sample

Audio Recording
The ability to record audio in addition to video. The DMV can record audio from one location, usually the POS area, so the user can see AND hear what's happening.

Remote Monitoring
Remote monitoring is the ability to view data on your video surveillance system from a remote location, such as your home or another office. Software and a high speed (broadband) internet connection is all you need. Remote monitoring can be done using a dial up internet connection but the connections are usually too slow to receive a quality transmission of video. Remote monitoring can also work using a local area network.

Video Motion Detection (VMD)
Video Systems that record to VHS tape record everything even when nothing is happening. Digital video surveillance systems can use VMD to detect movement, enabling the system to record only when there is activity (a person walking, or any form of movement). VMD cuts review time because you won't see video of a stationary screen.
The DMV has the capability to adjust the sensitivity of the motion detector so the user can fine-tune the speed or rate of movement the system will detect.

CDR Recording
Save short segments of any video you like by recording it to a CD. If there is an accident, theft, or other activity that you would like to save, simply copy it to a CD. CDs can be formatted to be used on any computer with a CD-ROM drive. This allows for easy distribution of recordings to managers, owners, or law enforcement. Video saved on a DMV unit is also watermarked to prevent tampering, which also makes the video admissible in court.

PC Based Software
The Geovision software is Windows-based in a PC environment. Users familiar with Windows will have an easy transition when learning our video surveillance system. Future upgrades don't require you to purchase an entire new system, only a simple software update. A stand-alone video system will go obsolete faster because it can't be upgraded or changed as easily.



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